Horse beats bull at British GP

Silverstone. It seems that the revised technical constraints have taken a toll over Red Bull and Ferrari has hugely benefitted from it. Fernando Alonso won the first race for Ferrari this season through a controlled drive and a few slices of bed luck for the other drivers.

"A fantastic day, fantastic day," said a delighted Alonso on the team radio as he finished ahead of Vettel.

Weather Gods added some spice to the race as dry-wet conditions made life tough for the strategists and teams have to opt for intermediate ‘wet’ tyres for initial parts of the race. Red Bull were amazing in those conditions as runaway race leader went ahead of Mark Webber who started the race from poll position.

When the race track dried down, Red Bull slowed down and Alonso and Massa took charge aided by a pit stop disaster for Vettel. Towards the end of the race it was high drama as Lewis Hemilton was told by the team that he may run out of fuel if he presses for a full throttle approach.

On the team radio, Hamilton thanked the team for being so brave. "Thanks for the courage," he said.

For the Red Bull, it was a close fight between Vettle and Webber for the second place as a frustrated Webber denied to obey team orders and tried his best to take over his younger team mate.

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